Legend has it that I can talk under water.   

Ironic really, as despite being Pisces and born on the rock of Gibraltar, I have Aqua-phobia.  I continued the island theme when we moved back to England for my formative years and have made Australia my home, for the past twenty.

The youngest of three girls, I was a creative and sensitive child, with an overactive imagination.  I would spend hours cloud watching, dreaming and drawing.  At the tender age of 9, I asked for a typewriter for Christmas and announced I wanted to be a writer. I would capture my innermost thoughts, milestones and observations, in a plethora of notebooks, journals and sticky notes. Writing became my confidante, my emotional processor and therapist.  My fascination with words and storytelling fed both my creative expression and professional pathway. 

I’ve been fortunate to enjoy a rich tapestry of life experiences and other cultures through my work and travels.  From Europe, USA, Middle East, Hong Kong, South America, South Africa and Asia.  I enjoyed a successful career working with some of the most recognisable and global brands both in the corporate and not for profit sector.

My English humour and resilience have helped me meet many of life’s challenges, including a brush with cancer in 2015.   At first, I thought that cancer would be the full stop to my life.  Instead it opened my eyes to a more holistic and balanced approach to life.  I realised I needed to make changes, but I didn’t know where to start.  My mindset was stuck in old stories that still needed to be resolved.  I began a journey of self-discovery, study and healing. I began to tap back into my inner wisdom to feel more balanced and vibrant.  I no longer wanted to simply survive life. I wanted to thrive.  

My greatest productions however, will always be my two children.  After an uphill battle for my son’s diagnosis with Autism (Asperger’s) we moved out of the city and settled in the beautiful Southern Highlands.  I can often be found in the garden, taking photos, laughing at my own jokes and drinking copious cups of tea. I continue to evolve and grow and to look for signs from the universe, much to the eye-rolling of my children.

My journey of transformation and healing and drive to live a creative and full life has begun.  Let me help support you on yours.    

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