Be supported to confidently take steps towards creating a more full and successful life on your own terms, in both your personal and professional life.  I hold space for you as you reconnect to your inner wisdom and the truth of what a meaningful and joy-filled life is for you.  I then intuitively guide and support you to cultivate heart-connected goals and develop inspired and achievable action steps towards your vision. I keep you accountable and on track during the time we have together.


A 90 min Coaching session where we brainstorm and look at ‘Blue sky’ options for an important goal/s you want to set for yourself.  Leave with clarity and a deeper connection to your goal and energised to take the next steps.  This option includes a a 15 minute follow up call a week later to ensure you are still on track for your heart-connected end result.

90 mins Coaching Session  $250


A 3 Month Coaching Series where we focus on heart-felt personal and/or professional goals that you would like to achieve during the three-month period.  We meet for six sessions, and these are scheduled fortnightly so that you are able to take inspired action in between.  Feel fully supported along the way with the option to book a 15 minute follow up call the week in between sessions, or email questions to ensure you keep moving forward. 

To ensure that this is the right option for you at this time please book a complimentary and confidential 30 mins coaching series discovery call.  Prior to the call I will send out a self-reflection questionnaire to ensure we make best use of our time together and ultimately ensure we are the right fit.

3 Month Coaching Series $2,000

*Payment Plans available

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Not sure where to start? 
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90 mins Coaching session 


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What Louise’s clients have said …

‘Louise was really easy to talk to and I felt comfortable opening up about private matters.  She provided insightful and helpful strategies that I was able to use in both my personal and professional life.’

Melanie S

‘After my sessions with Louise, I had a much greater understanding of myself, which has allowed me to move forward in life with more confidence.’

Suzie N

‘I found Louise to be very caring and intuitive in my sessions. I felt that I was listened to and understood.  I came away with a feeling of empowerment and a new way of looking at what was holding me back.’

Michelle P

‘Louise had just the right mix of warmth, empathy and humour and her ability to listen to and understand my story put my mind at ease.  Her friendly and easy-going style of working had me feeling more relaxed.’

Jane D

‘I have loved working with Louise. Together we crafted really meaningful goals that were challenging yet uplifting. She helped me develop fun, practical strategies and habits to help achieve these short-term goals and that I know will help me achieve my long-term goals too. Louise is kind and caring and she helped me focus on the important things in life, always takes the time to have a laugh and to stop and acknowledge the wins along the way. I highly recommend working with Louise to help you achieve what you want to achieve in life.’

Gillian Logan, ACT Australia

‘I had 6 amazing life coaching sessions with Louise over a period of 3 months and I loved it.  We covered so much in the time we had together, and she helped me achieve and create many goals.  What I loved so much about Louise was her warming, loving and nurturing personality, I felt so comfortable talking to her about anything and I felt like I had known her for years.  We laughed, cried, and just had a great time in each of our sessions, I never wanted them to end. She kept me accountable without overwhelming me with tasks to achieve before the next time we met up.  Everything she set for me was very achievable and meaningful and helped me to keep moving forward with my goals and life challenges.  Louise is a very special person with many talents and gifts, and I am so grateful we connected and shared our time together.’

Caroline Ashby, WA Australia

‘It was a real eye-opening experience on how I limit myself with my own beliefs and the stories I tell myself.  Louise held me to account in a really heartfelt way so that I felt supported not judged and that helped me find a way for myself. Now when I feel something isn’t working, I check what is my part in that, what am I doing to make it happen or the story I’m telling myself to stop myself from moving forward.  Without the coaching I would still be looking for outside validation and that I have a voice rather than taking the time to listen to my own voice.  I can see the patterns more clearly and actively make a decision on how to tackle them.   I feel my eyes have been opened and the world feels brighter for it.’

Justine Storey, New Zealand