All Kinds of Spectrum – Pre-order



A collection of insights and humorous anecdotes of a mother’s quest to advocate and finalise her son – Mr Mac’s – diagnosis of Asperger’s whilst trying to ensure her daughter – Miss Lipstick – was not lost in the mix. Hilarity ensues as she needs to lift her A-game to find even more creative ways to support her children and prevent her son from running into traffic when bored.

It is a story of unconditional and nurturing love mixed with tears, laughter, joy and copious cups of tea. This mother’s memoir follows her quest to parent this vibrant and uniquely creative soul while navigating the maze of diagnosis, the trenches of the early years, entering and exiting the school system and ensuring that his multi-faceted superability would shine through.

Louise hopes that sharing lessons learned along the way will help other families in the thick of it. Ultimately, to create awareness that all kinds of spectrum – hearts, minds, people or perspectives – lead to a more neuro-inclusive world – a Neuroverse


A follow-up memoir to the Amazon Number 1 Best Seller, No Full Stops - A Memoir.
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