Louise is an authentic and inspiring Keynote speaker, Storyteller, Event Host/MC & workshop facilitator.  Her vision is to share stories and lived experiences with a sprinkle of humour to promote greater compassion, diversity, inclusion and understanding in the world. 

Louise is an engaging and dynamic speaker with a trademark sense of English humour that ensures that the audience is both entertained and engaged from start to finish.  Louise has a myriad of life experiences and wisdom to share, including her own cancer journey, neurodiversity and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to transformation and healing.   She has a number of keynote speaking topics that can be tailored and adapted to suit your audience and event requirements.

Louise wrote and performed an original piece, “Returning to Self”, at Sydney’s Generation Women Australia In December 2021.  Brooke Farmer, Event Director for Generation Women Australia, stated at the time,

Her inspiring story captured our audience’s attention and sparked conversation. Louise is a confident and engaging speaker and storyteller whose story connected strongly with our audience. We would love to get Louise back at Generation Women and highly recommend her as a professional speaker and storyteller.’
– Brooke Farmer, Event Director for Generation Women Australia

For two years Louise was the charismatic Sydney host for the award-winning cross generational storytelling show Generation Women.  Founded in New York in 2017, Sydney in 2018, and Melbourne in 2020. Driven by a vision of sharing stories with 25,000 women by 2025. #25KBY2025.

“Louise James is a warm, witty and wonderful host who will brighten up your next event!”
–  Georgia Clark, Founder, Generation Women Australia

Louise is a dynamic MC and most recently MC’d at The Edna Ryan Awards, in November 2022, at Trades Hall, Sydney. The Edna Ryan awards celebrate women who contribute to improving the lives of women and girls. Seventeen Edna Ryan Awards were presented across six categories for women making a feminist difference across NSW and the ACT. Categories included Leadership, Mentoring, Workplace, Community Activism, Arts & Culture, Media & Communication, and culminated in the final award of the night for ‘The Grand Stirrer’. Nominations for the 24th EDNAS are now open.

Louise is a magnetic workshop facilitator with a wealth of professional experience.  She has facilitated multiple workshops during her 25+ years of career in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Louise is a sought after Guest for Podcasts and was regularly invited on shows:

Ultimate 48 Hour Author, October 2021 with Natasa Denman
‘It’s never too late to re-write your storyline’

The Art of Intuition Show, December 2021 with Susan Jane
‘Stop repeating your old stories and create a full life with Louise and Susan’

No Full Stops Podcast – Coming soon!
A No Full Stops Podcast is currently being developed and due to be released in March 2024. It will be a series of intimate conversations about other people’s full stop moments (whether health, divorce, death, COVID, etc) the story behind them, and the lessons learned along the way.  Subscribe to the newsletter to be one of the first to know of its launch date!

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No Full Stops Podcast soon!

‘Louise James is our resident host at Generation Women, bringing warmth and joy to the stage each month. She perfectly captures the spirit of Generation Women with her relatable humour and honest storytelling.’

Brooke Farmer & Donna Logue

Producers of Generation Women Australia, Directors of Hopepunk Productions

‘It was lovely to have Louise MC The Edna Ryan Awards 2022.  She pitched her anchoring of the event perfectly and is a true professional. She also helped to publicise the Awards on her social media.’

Yumi Lee

Event Director of Edna Ryan Awards 2022, CEO of OWN NSW

‘She was a delight to have on the show…she was very very engaging in what she was saying, how she was saying it and how she was presenting herself, so I highly recommend Louise to go onto your podcast, to go in as a speaker, she knows her stuff, she’s got a great story there.’

Susan Jane

The Art of Intuition Podcast