Louise’s passion for writing started early. At the tender age of nine she announced she wanted to become a writer. A love affair with words began. Some might say she’s not been at a loss for them ever since. 

Louise is a  professional and creative writer with years of experience.  She  continues to weave her magic of rich storytelling, resulting in emotive and thought provoking pieces.  She is a versatile freelance writer and an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. 

Louise has 30 years professional experience in strategic marketing, communications and business development working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands in the corporate and not for profit sector.  She has undertaken a variety of roles and delivered content strategy, copywriting services and content creation for websites, newsletters, email, social media, PR and media releases.  Louise is available to share her stories and lived experiences as a contributing writer for articles and blogs.

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No Full Stops®– A memoir was launched in April 2021 about Louises’s rollercoaster year with Breast Cancer, the highs, the lows and the lessons she learned along the way. She hopes that by sharing her story those going through similar challenges might not feel so isolated and provide an insight for family, friends and carers on what to expect.  It was also a love letter to her children who had inspired her to keep going and a chance to thank the individuals and the organisations for their support during that time. It proved to be a transformational experience and inspired her on her own journey of self-discovery, transformation and healing and the desire to support others on theirs.

In October 2021 Louise released the Ebook of No Full Stops® as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it became an Amazon #1 Best Seller across 27 categories.  Louise continues to donate 10% of profits from book sales to the amazing organisations in Australia that supported her journey so that they may continue to provide research and support services for others.

The power of sharing our personal stories and lived experiences is that we can learn from each other, Connect, Heal and Grow and inspire others to move beyond their own full stop moment. No Full Stops® Stories is a platform to generously share your own ‘Full Stop’ moment (be it health diagnosis, divorce, Covid or other life challenge) and lessons learned whilst navigating this challenging time. 

For it’s not what we go through that defines us, it’s how we get back up that counts. Louise is passionate about helping others discover that it’s never too late to rewrite their storyline and live a full and vibrant life – a life with no full stops®


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Amazon #1 Best Selling
No Full Stops®– A Memoir
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‘Louise captured the essence of her experience of living with a life-threatening illness and how it affected her and her family.  I loved the way she interspersed her journey with humour because as many of us know, it really does pay to be able to laugh.”

Petrea King

Founder & CEO, Quest for Life Foundation

‘No Full Stops is a refreshing reflection on living with cancer through the emotional, humorous and very real accounts of one woman’s experience. Louise has gifted readers with the ability to sit in the skin of a cancer patient and understand a little of what the experience and pain may be like, but her quirky and magnetic personality ensures a light, enjoyable and funny read.’

Kirstine Lumb-McKay

Award-winning journalist, Writer

‘Sharing commonly unspoken insights, No Full Stops chronicles a year defined by cancer diagnosis and treatment, interspersed with more light-hearted anecdotes, resulting in an informative, candid and relatable story about life, cancer, family, and the depths of human resilience. It also captures insightfully the post-cancer journey, where a different kind of personal struggle emerges. The reader can’t help but reflect on how they might integrate similar experiences and make meaning from a “second chance” at life.

I’d commend No Full Stops as a comforting companion for those facing their own diagnosis, treatment and recovery journey and equally helpful to friends and families trying to understand their loved one’s perspective. A valuable read if you’re reflecting on the impact of cancer or any other life-altering event.’

Dr Bec Jackson

PHD, Psychologist & Author